The far left attack free speech journalists

You may have a mixed opinion of this group, but the bigger picture should be far more worrying.

Posted to the DFLA facebook page by Phillip Hickin.

Five members of the Reality Report’s investigative journalist team, attended a conferences held by Stand Up To Racism, and Hope Not Hate. On arrival the Reality Report team were immediately greeted with a violent attack, by over 50 unmasked members of Antifa.

They were joined in the attack by members of Stand Up To Racism and Hope Not Hate, including Paul Sillett. Camera equipment was smashed and at least one member of the five man team received head injuries. Due to this violent attack the Reality Report team conducted a strategic withdraw, and were chased down the road outside the conference, but managed to reach safety. At no time did the Reality Report team retaliate to the extreme violence that was meted out against them. Weapons used against the Reality Report included bottles, chairs and wooden poles.

This attack on innocent journalists proves that the far left, want to violently shut down free speech, in the same manner that the Nazis did. The far left are far more fascist than those they call fascist, the hypocrisy of these people is astonishing. But at least the top ranking members of Antifa, who were there unmasked, were caught on camera and can now be identified by the Reality Report Counter Intelligence Section.

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