The Governments White Paper (known as the Chequers Proposal)

The Governments White Paper (known as the Chequers Proposal)
Why the governments’ position on Europe will not work

This document contains complicated and technical language. It is written so it cannot be understood by the voters. It contains statements which are the opposite of each other and is extremely contradictory. This is because The Chequers proposal attempts the impossible task of reconciling two opposing views

These views are:

the wish of the British people to have an independent democratic nation, and the wish of international mainly foreign business to have a single frictionless market for supply chains plus selling their products and services.
The Chequers Proposal while paying lip service to the first view, ultimately opts for the second approach and sells out the British people.
My conclusion is that it will not deliver what 17.4m people voted for i.e. the independent nation in charge of its own destiny.

The prime minister seeks to tie the UK to European bureaucratic structures

It is quite clear from the prime ministers foreword and sentences like:

• “UK will always be a European country”
• The UK” seeks to maintain obligations to the EU”
• She seeks to stay in Europe – the phrase is “without leaving Europe”.

that the prime minister regards the UK as a European country and the proposal seeks to keep the UK within EU bureaucratic structures. It is major failing of this document that that is written with the clear bias of politicians wishing to remain in the EU.
The mechanism by which this is achieved is to leave all existing agreements like the customs union, the common agricultural policy and the common fisheries policy and replace them with identical agreements called the “common rule book”.
The idea is that UK has some input into this common rule book. However, this is wishful thinking. The EU will not allow the UK to veto its rules and so the common rules book will inevitably become the EU common rule book. This means that EU tax and EU law will also have jurisdiction despite the proposal stating to the contrary because that is what the EU will demand for frictionless trade.
The common rule book will also limit the ability to make international trade agreements with the rest of the world.
The four main areas discussed in the Chequers Proposal are:

• Economic Partnership (including customs arrangements and free movement of people)
• Security Partnership
• Cross cutting provisions (data law, science and innovation, research and development, space and fishing)
• Institutional Arrangements

Economic Partnership

This part also covers Freedom of Movement of people
For all goods and services, the UK will leave the customs union and freedom of movement will stop.
It will replaced by the common rule book to allow frictionless trade in line with Aerobus and Nissan demands. In effect this turns out to be another Customs Union with pretty much the same rules. It applies to food (with Common Agricultural Policy rules) and fish (with Common Fishery Policy rules)
The UK proposes to collect tariffs for the EU. They estimate that 4% if these tariffs will be incorrect which effects about £20 billion of trade. My opinion Is that this percentage is too low and this is an administrative disaster waiting to happen.
Freedom of movement of people is stopped with exceptions. However the exceptions are so wide ranging that freedom of movement of people is not stopped and there will be no reduction in immigration. The proposal is full of contradictions like this.

Security Partnership

While there are some sensible proposals about sharing information on terrorists and being able to extradite criminals on European arrest warrants, the main thrust of this section is to keep UK involved in EU arrangements.
What is completely overlooked in this proposal is that to be an independent country, we need an independent defence and security capability. This will make UK security stronger and also allow us to take a full role in helping to protect our European neighbours.

Cross cutting arrangements

Again the proposal is to confirm to EU rules for data and maintain a UK involvement in EU structures relating to scientific research, space and fishing. Also EU state aid rules are accepted which is a crucial mistake as state investment in developing cutting edge tech companies will be a crucial part of UK prosperity post Brexit.
Again the concept of the UK creating its own capabilities is ignored but this is what must happen if UK is to thrive as a free, independent country.

Institution Arrangements

The structure proposed is a series of committees stacked one on top of another where representatives of the EU and UK thrash out the common rule book
This arrangement has two problems.

1) there is no democracy – all the members of the various committees will be appointed bureaucrats considering themselves an elite whether from Whitehall or Brussels
2) the structure would give the UK a veto on EU regulation – this will be unacceptable to the EU and so will not work.
In any “negotiated” agreement, the only outcome from this proposal is that the EU will tell the UK what to do.

The EU negotiation and Mr Barniers’ rejection of the Chequers Proposal

It is hard to think of a worse document to produce at a start of a negotiation with the EU. The only result will be a negotiated deal whereby the UK takes its regulation from Brussels.
The UK will not be independent and will not be in charge of its own destiny but will simply take orders from EU bureaucrats.
It will not deliver the independent nation In charge of its own destiny in the world that 17.4 m people voted for

No deal is better than this proposed deal

The Chequers Proposal is so confused that it offers to tie the UK to the EU in perpetuity but will be completely unacceptable to the EU. It is absolute evidence that the conservatives are completely incapable of handling this negotiation.
The EU negotiations should be given to UKIP to handle. They know the tricks of the EU and can counter them. They are also the only party that understands the concept of an independent democratic country making its own way in the world.


Contribution by James Froggatt.
UKIP Hemel Hempstead.
Committee Member.
Other Contributions by James

Why I will vote UKIP

Why I will vote UKIP

I will only vote UKIP because none of the other parties offers a viable alternative

Why I do not vote Conservative.

I cannot vote conservative because their sole reason for existence is to maintain the status quo. They only change policy when they fear that they will lose power and do not actively seek to improve people or UK life.
Also they have a track record of saying the right thing, for example saying they would control immigration. However Theresa May in her time as Home Secretary presided of a year on year net increase in migration. Something pretty similar is happening at the moment with the EU negotiations. Theresa May is saying that she is abiding by the will of the British People but if you look at the details the very opposite is happening.
My loathing for the conservatives is bitter, personal and long held. It stems from the 80s. Mrs. Thatcher (who took away my school milk in 1972) was appointed leader and proceeded to trash British manufacturing industry in 1981. It has never recovered.
Even worse, I was in Durham during the Miners’ strike of 1984/85 and witnessed a convoy of at least a dozen police vans which was an immense display of force.
I saw the policeman in the passenger seat of the first van. He was fully dressed in helmet and riot gear. I looked deep into his eyes and that man was in hell – his look was a mixture of rage, exhaustion and shame which I will never forget. It was the look of a man who had been ordered to do a crime, had followed orders and now, being a decent man, had guilt.
Thatcher had set the police on her own people in an act of politically motivated violence. This naked criminal savagery is part of the conservative way of keeping control and I will not vote for it.

Why I do not vote Labour.

I cannot vote Labour because their defence and international policies are just wrong.
They are against the nuclear deterrent, and are happy to speak to some pretty dodgy people which they call freedom fighters but I call terrorists.
This in turn leads to the double standard of unpleasant dictators being feted when they visit the UK with legitimate protest suppressed but our chief ally, the leader of the free world who is democratically elected being vilified on his visit.
This is all part of the massive hypocrisy currently in Labour = it is OK to suppress inconvenient facts with threats of violence and no view is to be tolerated accept the extreme hard left Momentum view otherwise you are an unpleasant person who should be hung.
I do not even have to mention the party wide institutional Anti-Semitism.

Why I do not vote LibDem or Green

I do not vote the Lib Dem or Green because they support and help the EU Bureaucracy. In my view being Pro EU as well as being politically stupid is Anti British and anti-British people.
This article is not about why the EU is a failed political enterprise and an oppressive undemocratic bureaucracy but we all know it is and supporting it against the UK is simply bad behaviour.
It is the definition of madness to vote for an established party and expect them to make your life better when they have failed to do so in the past.
I will vote UKIP. Voting for any other party is a wasted vote.

Why I Vote UKIP

UKIP has three good policies on Europe; immigration; and Defence/ Border Force and policing.
It is right on these. To this will be added a plan to grow the economy post Brexit.
I see UKIP as a catalyst for improvement of peoples’ lives and this will increase as they develop sound policies on the economy, tax simplification and trade and industry.
I see it as the party that will choose the correct policies on defence and international affairs while also choosing the correct approach for the economy, NHS, education and social policies.

It is the vehicle for making the UK not just a land of opportunity but a land where everyone has an opportunity.
In contrast to the negative’ remainer’ fear spread by the established parties:-
• UKIP is a party which has a vision of the UK as an independent democratic sovereign nation;
• UKIP is developing a positive vision for the future of the UK, and
• UKIP has a clear view on how this nation will grow and thrive in the world.

This is why I will be voting UKIP.

Contribution by James Froggatt.
UKIP Hemel Hempstead.
Committee Member.

Other contributions by James

Brexit must not fail.

It is increasingly obvious that we face a Remain coup, led by Theresa May and Philip Hammond.
It is clear to Leavers and Remainers that Chequers is the worst of all worlds – exactly what Remain has been working for all along. Our alleged ‘ chief negotiator ‘ Dominic Raab is shadowed by Olly Robbins – a Remainer in the Civil Service – and, it must be noted, unelected !
The reason why Remain repeatedly have undermined The Govt at every opportunity trying to rule out ‘ no deal ‘ is precisely to get to this point where the country faces a terrible deal (Chequers).
Their next stage is a second referendum, shamefully named ” the People’s Vote “.
Well, we’ve already had that on June 23rd 2016. A second referendum is only ‘ a losers’ vote ‘, its sole purpose to allow the previous losers to win this time round, after they have worked tirelessly to undermine Brexit for two years, bankrolled by billionaires like Soros.
It reeks of the EU’s nasty habit of telling the voters they got it wrong the first time so they must try again, and this time, get it right !
As the situation stands now, in reality it means we either have a sort of colony status with the Chequers plan, likely to be made worse by the time Brussels has fiddled around with it, or we keep our £39 bn and revert to WTO trading – the basis on which Britain does billions of pounds of trade every year already. How good it would be to negotiate deals beneficial to all 28 countries on this continent. But it shows no signs of going in that direction – yet.
Ignore the talk of ” cliff edges ” and ” chaos “, nothing more than the latest round of fearmongering by those who can’t stomach a free and fair referendum result.
Ask yourself, have any referendum threats come to pass ?
500,000 jobs lost ? – Recession ? – World War 3 ? – House prices fallen by a third ? Etc Etc,
None of them. Not one !
Please support your local committee. We must fight this,
We won The Referendum. We must win again but this will only happen through sheer weight of numbers.
Please don’t leave it to ‘ someone else ‘.

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August 2018

EU27 leaders consider softening governance proposals in Irish backstop draft

Text from Open Europe

The Financial Times reports that the EU is considering softening its proposal for an Irish border backstop solution, including by limiting both the jurisdiction of the EU’s court and the power of EU authorities to undertake checks in Northern Ireland. Under the EU’s original proposal, the European Court of Justice would have direct jurisdiction in Northern Ireland, and EU authorities would be given the right to enforce the relevant EU laws in the region. However, the EU’s amendments are not expected to expand the backstop to the whole of the UK, as the British government has called for.

This comes after the EU’s Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, wrote in an op-ed last week, “What the EU has proposed is that Northern Ireland remains in a common regulatory area for goods and customs with the rest of the EU. We are ready to improve the text of our proposal with the UK.” On the future relationship, he wrote, “Some UK proposals would undermine our Single Market which is one of the EU’s biggest achievements. The UK wants to keep free movement of goods between us, but not of people and services.”

However, The Times today reports that European leaders are preparing to negotiate a deal that would allow the UK to remain in the single market for goods, while not being subject to free movement of people. In return, member states are expected to call on the UK to follow all new EU environmental, social and customs rules. The proposal is expected to be discussed at the informal European Council summit in Salzburg, Austria, in September.

Elsewhere, The Irish Times last week reported that the EU may be willing to negotiate UK single market access for agricultural goods when talks recommence later this month.

Source: Financial Times European Commission The Times The Irish Times

The far left attack free speech journalists

You may have a mixed opinion of this group, but the bigger picture should be far more worrying.

Posted to the DFLA facebook page by Phillip Hickin.

Five members of the Reality Report’s investigative journalist team, attended a conferences held by Stand Up To Racism, and Hope Not Hate. On arrival the Reality Report team were immediately greeted with a violent attack, by over 50 unmasked members of Antifa.

They were joined in the attack by members of Stand Up To Racism and Hope Not Hate, including Paul Sillett. Camera equipment was smashed and at least one member of the five man team received head injuries. Due to this violent attack the Reality Report team conducted a strategic withdraw, and were chased down the road outside the conference, but managed to reach safety. At no time did the Reality Report team retaliate to the extreme violence that was meted out against them. Weapons used against the Reality Report included bottles, chairs and wooden poles.

This attack on innocent journalists proves that the far left, want to violently shut down free speech, in the same manner that the Nazis did. The far left are far more fascist than those they call fascist, the hypocrisy of these people is astonishing. But at least the top ranking members of Antifa, who were there unmasked, were caught on camera and can now be identified by the Reality Report Counter Intelligence Section.

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Weekly Round up from Leave.EU

Text copied from Leave.EU weekly newsletter, click to sign up here

This was the week of Boris, Brexit and the Burka. All inextricably linked, but each occupying its own territory in the national debate and the country’s power dynamics. The dividing factions are the same however: the metropolitan elite pitched against the people.

The fallout over Boris Johnson’s Telegraph article, in which he argued against a Burka ban but observed the garment’s comic similarity to a letterbox, was immediately sprung upon by a Remain side scavenging for ammunition. This was the summer when the stupid idea of a second referendum was supposed to gain traction. The tired pitch is failing miserably. The Eurofanatics are desperate. It was inevitable that Boris’s comments would trigger a proxy war over Brexit.

Nigel Farage, like most Leavers, is none too fond of the fairer sex being hidden behind black robes. Many Remainers share this view, but given the opportunity to take down a powerful champion of independence they were all too eager to bend their principles. Brexit saboteur Anna Soubry was quick to attack Boris for his comments despite having defended fellow Remainer Ken Clarke for more inflammatory comments in 2013 saying, “I wish people didn’t feel the need to cover their faces with veils.”

Leavers like Jacob Rees-Mogg, Nadine Dorries and Andrew Bridgen, who rallied behind the former foreign secretary cannot be accused of such gross hypocrisy, a notable feature of the furore the media chose not to highlight, even though a full 59% of Brits support a Burka ban. A balanced playing field this is not.

Another crime: splashed across Sky News on Wednesday were the results of a poll that found 33% of people viewed Boris’s comments as racist. What about the 60% who did not?

Downing Street claims party chairman Brandon Lewis – a Remainer – acted of his own accord when he escalated the outcry by calling for an apology, leading to an investigation which could lead to Johnson’s whip being withdrawn.

Whether the prime minister is really behind it or not, pouring heat on Boris has only made him even more popular with the Tory grassroots, and at a critical juncture. May will soon have finished with fudging Brexit, a leadership contest awaits. Boris is now perfectly poised to capture the crown. And faced with a divided left, a healthy majority would surely be his.

But more was to come. Brexit obstructionist Dominic Grieve weighed in, saying he would quit the Party in the event Johnson succeeded May. These comments too backfired spectacularly, single-handedly converting MPs normally sceptical of Boris. “Before I couldn’t think of a single reason why Boris should be PM,” one Tory MP told Politico “Dominic Grieve has changed all that!”

And then there’s the question of public policy. Where should the government stand on the burka? Lest we forget, Boris’s article was entitled: “yes, the burka is oppressive and ridiculous, but that’s still no reason to ban it.” He deserves praise for speaking his mind on a debate that has not been allowed to take place. The media and the political class have shunned it. Boris’s casual article, published during an events-starved week in August, has freed up acres of space in one fell swoop.

“This is surely a legitimate subject for debate,” tweeted Jacob Rees-Mogg. The wool is no longer being pulled over our eyes (pun intended). The same day, the Times published a letter by a respected Imam. “The burka and niqab are hideous tribal ninja-like garments that are pre-Islamic, non-Koranic and therefore un-Muslim,” wrote Dr Taj Hargey.

At a time when the public is overflowing with resentment towards the establishment for the bungling of Brexit, it can ill afford to shut the door on other issues that clearly matter to voters. To do so would be intolerant and un-British. Then again, national values and tolerance aren’t part of the globalists’ vocabulary. We fight on.

You won’t hear this on MSM

Picture : Courtesy of the Daily Express

Here’s something we don’t hear put about by the media, including the BBC: –

Japan is very keen to rapidly sign the UK up to membership of the Large TPP trading block.

Here are 2 articles from 1st August:

Article 1
Article 2

As the UK leaves the EU and is added to the TPP block, it makes it the same size as the EU !

I wonder if Dominic Raab is waving this in the face of messrs Juncker, Tusk, Barnier and other bureaucrats ?

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The EU’s London headquarters

Featured image

Leader, Gerard Batten MEP, underlines the co-ordinated efforts at Westminster to betray Brexit.  Former Attorney General Dominic Grieve – the man behind attempts in Westminster to derail Brexit – attended a meeting of Remainers at, of all places, the EU’s London headquarters – which you and I pay for !

Others attendees included
Blair’s former spin doctor, Alistair Campbell; Tory and Lib Dems, and
representatives of various ‘ Remain ’ groups, all doing their best to subvert
the will of the people in the 2016 referendum.

Speaking from
Strasbourg, Mr Batten said, “ it defies belief Mr. Grieve claiming he is not trying to stop the UK leaving the
EU.  Hours after his latest attempts to derail Brexit negotiations, he
just happened to be meeting with others committed to
overturning the referendum result “.

Is this a re-run of 1975 when an
unholy alliance of Tory, Labour and other MPs manoeuvred the House of Commons
into taking us into the European Economic Community ?  Now, 43 years
later, are we in grave danger of this happening again ?  History tends to repeat itself.

worrying is EU involvement in this cabal.  Allowing their London HQ to be used for the meeting puts EU Bureaucrats at
the centre of interference with our
democracy, proof of ‘ the enemy within ’
working towards overturning the peoples vote, efforts highly organised
throughout the establishment. 

Subverting democracy is a
dangerous game.  Far from changing the public’s mind, Project Fear
and ‘ backroom wheeler-dealing ‘ only polarises opinion, making us even more determined to leave the corrupt and
damaging EU. 

It destroys trust by the public for our
democratic system.  MPs such as Chuka
Umunna and Anna Soubry believe the creation of yet another pro-remain political
party helps their cause. 

They are badly
mistaken.  Outside the London bubble, millions of us are resolutely behind the referendum result.”